Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 13 Football picks

Texans (+8.5) @ Eagles: figured their offense would be good enough and just missed
Saints (-6.5) @ Bengals: time to overpower a weak AFC opponent
Bears (-3.5) @ Lions: the Bears look real and Stanton is starting for the Lions
49ers (+9.5) @ Packers: enough talent on the 49ers to keep it close enough
Jaguars (+3.5) @ Titans: don't understand this line at all, but Collins is back for the Titans
Broncos (+8.5) @ Chiefs: keeping my policy of expecting close divisional games
Dolphins (-4.5) vs. Browns: the Browns' quarterback committee lands on Delhomme again
Bills (+6.5) @ Vikings: a one-week burst for the Vikings under the new coach last week
Redskins (+7.5) @ Giants: the Giants are like the Chargers, good on both sides, but turnovers
Raiders (+12.5) @ Chargers: I guess they forgot that the Raiders are playing well this season
Buccaneers (+3.5) vs. Falcons: a test on the road for the Falcons
Seahawks (-5.5) vs. Panthers: a long lonely journey for the Panthers
Rams (-3.5) @ Cardinals: time for the Rams to make a statement on the road and keep up with the Seahawks
Colts (-5.5) vs. Cowboys: the Colts could win by 20 or 3, probably not in between
Steelers (+3.5) @ Ravens: I think the Ravens will win outright by a field goal
Jets (+3.5) @ Patriots: the Jets are undefeated in five games on the road this season

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week 12 Football picks

Three games on Thanksgiving. Lucky us!

Patriots (-6.5) @ Lions: of course Brady is playing, forget that questionable tag
Saints (-3.5) @ Cowboys: it's time to stop the Cowboys roll
Jets (-9.5) vs. Bengals: too bad this won't be a heated rematch of last year's playoffs
Falcons (-2.5) vs. Packers: the Falcons are 5-0 at home, last two against good teams
Steelers (-6.5) @ Bills: this could have the feeling of a Steelers home game as fans travel well
Panthers (+10.5) @ Browns: I like the large spread even though the Panthers are pathetic
Jaguars (+7.5) @ Giants: strange spread with the Giants missing key wide receivers
Redskins (-2.5) vs. Vikings: watch out for the Vikings energy under new coach
Titans (+6.5) @ Texans: third QB starting for the Titans, but not against the best of defenses
Seahawks (+1.5) vs. Chiefs: two surprising division leaders at 5-5 and 6-4
Raiders (-3.5) vs. Dolphins: Thigpen did not impress in his start last week
Bears (+3.5) vs. Eagles: home team getting a lot of points for having the same records
Buccaneers (+7.5) @ Ravens: the Buccaneers are surprising but should get more respect
Rams (+3.5) @ Broncos: the Broncos laid down to a divisional rival on Monday night
Colts (-3.5) vs. Chargers: should be a fun, interesting game
49ers (-1.5) @ Cardinals: these could have been the two best teams in the division

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 11 Football picks

I'm not feeling too good about this week, and already have a loss from Thursday. A lot of even matchups in my mind in this crazy season.

Dolphins (-1.5) vs. Bears: thought the Dolphins could hold on at home using wildcat
Bengals (-5.5) vs. Bills: similar records, but a lot more talent on the Bengals
Lions (+6.5) @ Cowboys: the Cowboys should get a close first win at home
Ravens (-10.5) @ Panthers: Brian St. Pierre will be on his back for most of the game
Browns (+1.5) @ Jaguars: Colt McCoy has been impressive, but so have the Jaguars
Steelers (-7.5) vs. Raiders: bouncing back with another home game
Redskins (+7.5) @ Titans: Vick made the Redskins look worse than they are
Chiefs (-7.5) vs. Cardinals: Cassel and Charles lead the Chiefs to victory
Vikings (+3.5) vs. Packers: I'll take Favre and the home points against his old team
Texans (+6.5) @ Jets: the Jets have just been getting by recently
Rams (+3.5) vs. Falcons: both teams are better at home and this game is in St. Louis
Buccaneers (+3.5) @ 49ers: a long cross-country trip won't slow down the Buccaneers
Seahawks (+11.5) @ Saints: too many points not to take a division leader
Colts (+3.5) @ Patriots: the Colts could break Brady's home winning streak
Giants (+3.5) @ Eagles: maybe sticking with my heart too much but it should be close
Broncos (+9.5) @ Chargers: another close divisional matchup

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 10 Football picks

Lots of road teams:
Ravens (+1.5) @ Falcons (from Thursday)
Lions (+2.5) @ Bills: stay winless, Bills
Vikings (-1.5) @ Bears: Martz offense going down
Jets (-3.5) @ Browns: another former team for Mangini
Colts (-7.5) vs. Bengals: clearly the Colts are rolling
Titans (-.5) @ Dolphins: Pennington starting now
Buccaneers (-7.5) vs. Panthers: disappointing and injured Panthers
Texans (+1.5) @ Jaguars: close divisional matchup
Broncos (+.5) vs. Chiefs: not believing in the Chiefs still
Cowboys (+13.5) @ Giants: the Cowboys should keep it close enough
Seahawks (+3.5) @ Cardinals: the Seahawks could take the division
Rams (+5.5) @ 49ers: the 49ers' last chance to make a run
Patriots (+4.5) @ Steelers: seems like a lot of points for Belichick
Eagles (-3.5) @ Redskins: McNabb having problems with Shanahan

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 9 Football picks

What a terrible way to lose in survivor. The Cowboys were still playing like crap and down all game to the Jaguars, ending my season halfway through it. If I was still in it, the Patriots would be the best pick, but I used them in week three. The only other logical pick it seems is the Jets, on the road in Detroit. Again, only 13 games this week, with six teams off.

Buccaneers (+8.5) @ Falcons: aren't these two teams tied for the division lead?
Bills (+2.5) vs. Bears: two consecutive road overtime losses for the Bills
Patriots (-4.5) @ Browns: McCoy has had a tough start to his career against the Saints and Steelers
Lions (+4.5) vs. Jets: while the Jets should win, these are two decent defenses
Cardinals (+8.5) @ Vikings: another strangely large spread, two equally bad teams
Panthers (+7.5) vs. Saints: just a case of taking a big home underdog
Dolphins (+5.5) @ Ravens: the Dolphins are playing well enough to keep this close
Texans (+1.5) vs. Chargers: the Chargers are leading the league in offensive yards, but turnovers kill
Seahawks (+5.5) vs. Giants: would have like the bigger line, which moved after Whitehurst was tabbed for first start
Chiefs (+2.5) @ Raiders: you wouldn't have thought at the beginning of the season that these two would be on top
Colts (+2.5) @ Eagles: a rare game as an underdog for the Colts
Packers (-7.5) vs. Cowboys: the Cowboys are so bad and look like they don't want to play hard
Bengals (+4.5) vs. Steelers: a hard-fought game on Monday Night Football

Let's have some fun with over/unders (from Bodog):
TB @ ATL: over 45
CHI @ BUF: under 41.5
NE @ CLE: over 44
NYJ @ DET: under 42.5
ARI @ MIN: over 43
NO @ CAR: over 40.5
MIA @ BAL: under 41
SD @ HOU: over 50
NYG @ SEA: under 41
KC @ OAK: over 41
IND @ PHI: under 47
DAL @ GB: under 46
PIT @ CIN: under 41

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 8 Football picks

Maybe I should have saved the Chiefs for this week because they are playing the Bills. So I don't have Yahoo users' most popular pick this week and have to choose between a bunch of single-digit percentages of users' picks. As bad as the Cowboys have looked, they also had good moments against the Giants, some with Romo and some with Kitna against the prevent defense. Kitna was not ready last week, but he is not an invalid and should do well this week, along with their running game, against the Jaguars, so it's the Cowboys for their first home win for me.

All home teams are favored this week, including the designated home team in London, the 49ers:
Dolphins (+2.5) @ Bengals: the Bengals are a mess
Cowboys (-2.5) vs. Jaguars: the Jaguars couldn't do much for the last two weeks
Redskins (+2.5) @ Lions: the return of Matthew Stafford will be a painful one
Chiefs (-7.5) vs. Bills: heartbreaker for the Bills last week in overtime
Rams (-3.5) vs. Panthers: the Rams are chugging along winning every home game, losing road games
Packers (+6.5) @ Jets: the Packers have enough healthy talent to keep it close
49ers (-.5) vs. Broncos: a couple disappointing teams will probably put on a show in London
Titans (+3.5) @ Chargers: I see this game decided by a late field goal
Buccaneers (+3.5) @ Cardinals: the Buccaneers can slide into a tie for first place in the NFC South
Patriots (-5.5) vs. Vikings: Randy Moss can't help the Favres and his foot injuries enough
Seahawks (+2.5) @ Raiders: the Seahawks are the surprising only team to be above .500 in the NFC West
Saints (-.5) vs. Steelers: by this spread, the Steelers are the better team, but it's Halloween in New Orleans
Texans (+5.5) @ Colts: I'll take the team that won the first game with the points

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 7 Football picks

Time to get risky with survivor. I'm going with the Chiefs this week to knock off a Jacksonville team that looks depleted after a 30-3 Monday Night Football loss to the Titans. It's a short weeks and their quarterback was injured, making the Jaguars ripe for the picking.

Falcons (-3.5) vs. Bengals: should be getting more of a point spread
Redskins (+2.5) @ Bears: the Bears are only getting the requisite points for being home in an even matchup
Eagles (+3.5) @ Titans: I should have had more faith in Kolb
Chiefs (-5.5) vs. Jaguars: the lock of the week
Dolphins (+3.5) vs. Steelers: should be a dogfight
Saints (-13.5) vs. Browns: time for the Saints to dominate again
Buccaneers (-2.5) vs. Rams: a couple of down teams with good records
49ers (-3.5) @ Panthers: I guess people still think the 49ers will be good
Ravens (-13.5) vs. Bills: the Bills' winless season continues
Cardinals (+5.5) @ Seahawks: who knew Max Hall could play?
Patriots (+2.5) @ Chargers: the Chargers are 2-0 at home but the Patriots are hot
Raiders (+6.5) @ Broncos: the Raiders could be ahead of two teams in the division if they win
Vikings (+2.5) @ Packers: the trendy Super Bowl pick has too many injured players
Giants (+3.5) @ Cowboys: if the Cowboys lose, Super Bowl talk is over

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 6 Football picks

Luckily, I have two survivor entries, and I went with my gut in the main one that I had been making the picks posted here, so I'm still alive with the Falcons. This week, it makes perfect sense to take the Giants, who are resurgent, against the Lions, a dangerous team but still not too good. The Giants don't seem to play any easy games the rest of the way, as they have yet to start their division schedule.

Bears (-6.5) vs. Seahawks: Orton coming back to lead Martz's offense that was good before meeting the Giants
Ravens (+2.5) @ Patriots: could be the game for AFC supremacy
Giants (-10.5) vs. Lions: the Giants defense is taking over again
Falcons (+1.5) @ Eagles: tough matchup on the road, but no Vick for the Eagles
Browns (+13.5) @ Steelers: look for a low-scoring game on both sides
Dolphins (+1.5) @ Packers: Rodgers is playing, but the Packers have many injuries
Rams (+8.5) vs. Chargers: enough talent to take the home team with the points
Buccaneers (+5.5) vs. Saints: the Saints are not doing well enough to get this big of a cushion on the road, in division
Texans (-4.5) vs. Chiefs: the Texans should bounce back against a Chiefs team over their heads
Raiders (+6.5) @ 49ers: the 49ers will pick up their first win in a close game
Broncos (+3.5) vs. Jets: the Jets will not pull away on the road
Vikings (-1.5) vs. Cowboys: one team is going to be 1-4
Colts (-3.5) @ Redskins: the Colts don't look great, but Peyton Manning always is
Titans (-3.5) @ Jaguars: the Titans should be better than the Jaguars in the end

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 5 Football picks

It came down to a choice between the Falcons on the road against the Browns or the Bengals at home against the 49ers. Coincidentally, the Bengals lost to the Browns last week. While the Buccaneers are coming off of their bye week, my pick is still going to be the Bengals. There are not a lot of wide point spreads overall this week, but maybe some should be bigger.

Jaguars (-1.5) @ Bills: the Bills are a sorry team and a candidate to go 0-16
Bengals (-6.5) vs. Buccaneers: the T.Ocho show is getting heated up
Falcons (-3.5) @ Browns: hopefully no letdown after the Falcons had to play hard against the 49ers
Rams (+3.5) @ Lions: would go with the Lions if Stafford was playing
Chiefs (+3.5) @ Colts: while I don't think the Chiefs are that good, the Colts aren't either
Redskins (+2.5) vs. Packers: taking the home points against the team with no running game
Panthers (+2.5) vs. Bears: up-and-coming Jimmy Clausen against old backup Todd Collins
Ravens (-7.5) vs. Broncos: the Broncos are going to have more problems this week
Texans (-3.5) vs. Giants: doubting the Giants ability to keep the momentum
Cardinals (+7.5) vs. Saints: almost obvious to take the home points in this matchup
Raiders (+6.5) vs. Chargers: the Raiders could do well enough to keep it close
Titans (+6.5) @ Cowboys: the Cowboys haven't looked like that Super Bowl team yet
Eagles (+3.5) @ 49ers: back to the Kevin Kolb era in Philadelphia
Vikings (+4.5) @ Jets: Favre to Moss is going to be an interesting connection

Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 4 Football picks

In my mind, there are a few equal choices for the survivor pool this week, all equally good and risky. The Texans on the road against the Raiders, the Falcons at home against the winless 49ers, the Jets on the road against the Bills, and the Bengals on the road against the Browns. I try to stay away from road teams and intradivision games, and the supposedly good 49ers are dangerous to pick against when they still have no wins. My pick is actually a team with a worse record in its matchup, the Chargers at home against the Cardinals. However, both teams could have easily had their results in the opposite column last week. Other picks:

49ers (+6.5) @ Falcons: new offensive coordinator for the 49ers
Bills (+5.5) vs. Jets: a surprising fight put up by Bills last week
Browns (+3.5) vs. Bengals: I'll believe in the Bengals the week after they start to impress
Lions (+14.5) @ Packers: the Lions are keeping it close and the Packers are coming off of a short week
Broncos (+6.5) @ Titans: Vince Young should not be given such a wide spread right now
Rams (+.5) vs. Seahawks: the Rams go for a second home win in a row
Panthers (+13.5) @ Saints: Brees, Bush, and Thomas are injured
Ravens (+1.5) @ Steelers: the Steelers can't go 4-0 without Roethlisberger
Colts (-8.5) @ Jaguars: Peyton is having the best statistical start of his career
Texans (-3.5) @ Raiders: the Texans shouldn't be derailed by the loss to the Cowboys
Chargers (+8.5) vs. Cardinals: the Cardinals are close to going down the drain
Redskins (+6.5) @ Eagles: the early triumphant return of Donovan McNabb
Bears (+3.5) @ Giants: the Giants have too many problems right now, but could win a close one
Patriots (-.5) vs. Dolphins: the Wildcat success started against Patriots, but they know it now

Good thing for the Cowboys and Vikings that they picked up their first wins last week because they are on byes and would have had to stew over winless starts during their breaks.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 3 Football picks

Another tough week for the survivor pool, worse than week one. The Steelers would be the obvious pick if they were not working with their fourth-string, albeit serviceable, quarterback, Charlie Batch. Otherwise, three divisional games look like the best, with the Vikings facing the Lions, Ravens against Browns, and the ultimate pick, Patriots at home against the Bills. This makes it a pick against the Bills two weeks in row, who are maybe this year's Raiders in that sense.

49ers (-2.5) @ Chiefs: think it is their time to start winning, but surprising to be favored
Browns (+10.5) @ Ravens: even on the road, think this spread is too big for this division
Cowboys (+2.5) @ Texans: they have to get over Wade Phillips's incompetence
Lions (+10.5) @ Vikings: the Lions haven't looked so bad, even with Shaun Hill at QB
Patriots (-13.5) vs. Bills: change at starting quarterback for the Bills and angry Patriots at home
Falcons (+4.5) @ Saints: the Falcons could win this game with the way the Saints have looked, even in the Superdome
Giants (-3.5) vs. Titans: the Giants looked better in losing last week, but both teams have their issues
Steelers (-2.5) @ Buccaneers: running game and defense for the Steelers
Panthers (+3.5) vs. Bengals: picking the home underdog to keep it close
Jaguars (+2.5) vs. Eagles: look for the Jaguars to ruin Michael Vick's start at QB
Redskins (-3.5) @ Rams: finally noticing that the Redskins are decent
Broncos (+6.5) vs. Colts: way too big of a spread not to take the good home team
Raiders (+4.5) @ Cardinals: Campbell is surprisingly out of the starting QB spot already
Seahawks (+5.5) vs. Chargers: the Chargers don't look good enough to get this many points on the road
Dolphins (-1.5) vs. Jets: as good as the Jets looked, Revis is out and they get killed in Miami
Bears (+3.5) @ Packers: hopefully, the Bears won't regress to their preseason and week one form

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 2 Football picks

Simply look at the biggest point spread for the survivor pick this week: the Packers at home against the Bills. Watch out for some high scoring, even as the packers lost their number one running back.

Falcons (-6.5) vs. Cardinals: round two for Derek Anderson won't go so well
Bengals (+1.5) vs. Ravens: don't underestimate home field advantage in division
Browns (-1.5) vs. Chiefs: the Chiefs were barely good enough to beat Chargers
Bears (+8.5) @ Cowboys: big spread for a week one winner against a loser
Eagles (-3.5) @ Lions: you saw what the Lions didn't do without Stafford
Packers (-13.5) vs. Bills: should be a blowout
Titans (-5.5) vs. Steelers: both teams were impressive last week
Vikings (-5.5) vs. Dolphins: Favre will be back to making great plays this week
Panthers (-2.5) vs. Buccaneers: the Buccaneers only won against a bad team
Broncos (-3.5) vs. Seahawks: the Seahawks surprised many, but I expect Broncos to bounce back
Raiders (-4.5) vs. Rams: is it possible that the Raiders could not be the most incompetent team again?
Jets (+1.5) vs. Patriots: maybe picking too much with my heart, but Jets are tough
Jaguars (+7.5) @ Chargers: seems obvious after last week's Chargers problems
Texans (-2.5) @ Redskins: got burned picking against Redskins at home last week
Giants (+5.5) @ Colts: to large of a spread for two good teams
Saints (-4.5) @ 49ers: should be an easy one for the champions

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Week 1 Football picks

I'm a little late with this post, seeing as the football season has already kicked off, but my picks remain. I had a tough time selecting a pick for survivor, as it came down to the Giants, Titans, and Bears. The Giants are opening their new stadium, but played poorly in the last game at Giants Stadium against the same Panthers. The Titans are playing a Raiders team that has come up with many survivor upsets, and the Bears are playing in division against the Lions. Since I read that divisional games do not have any more upsets than normal, I am picking the Bears. Now, on to the point spreads (based on ESPN):

Saints (-6.5) vs. Vikings: so much energy in the Superdome
Dolphins (-3.5) @ Bills: playing in Buffalo isn't too tough in the first game
Bears (-6.5) vs. Lions: the Lions are still a league doormat until proven otherwise
Titans (-6.5) vs. Raiders: the end of last season was promising for the Titans
Bengals (+5.5) @ Patriots: a close game with the home team winning outright
Panthers (+7.5) @ Giants: similar teams to last season when the Panthers won
Falcons (-2.5) vs. Steelers: tough to win in Pittsburgh, but Falcons still on the rise
Browns (+2.5) vs. Buccaneers: two equally bad teams
Broncos (+2.5) @ Jaguars: risky pick, but the Broncos should be better
Colts (-3.5) @ Texans: Colts probably start another string of wins
Seahawks (+2.5) vs. 49ers: not sure on this one; home field advantage?
Packers (-1.5) @ Eagles: a trendy Super Bowl pick with a tough road opener
Cardinals (-3.5) @ Rams: as much as the Cardinals have fallen, they are still better than the Rams
Cowboys (-3.5) @ Redskins: probably should take the home points, but going with better team
Jets (-3.5) @ Ravens: will be a close, low-scoring game
Chargers (-5.5) @ Chiefs: this could be dangerous with Chargers' new starting RB and holdouts

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Mets are still contenders?

I guess Jerry Manuel has to say that on the radio today with Mike Francesa, but nobody's buying it, not when you're putting out this lineup against one of the best pitchers in baseball and the team is a game under .500. Granted, the veterans that he is replacing are struggling or injured, but let's take a look, just for fun, since there are five rookies in there tonight.

1. Jose Reyes-SS (891 career games played, 95 games started in 2010, batting .280)
2. Fernando Martinez-RF (28 career GP, 1 GS in 2010, batting .200), replacing Francoeur
3. Angel Pagan-CF (370 career GP, 94 GS in 2010, batting .311)
4. David Wright-3B (963 career GP, 108 GS in 2010, batting .293)
5. Ike Davis-1B (97 career GP, 94 GS in 2010, batting .253), now a regular
6. Chris Carter-LF (27 career GP, 9 GS in 2010, batting .264), essentially replacing Beltran
7. Josh Thole-C (36 career GP, 16 GS in 2010, batting .323), platoon with Blanco as Barajas is on the DL
8. Ruben Tejada-2B (36 career GP, 34 GS in 2010, batting .196), replacing Castillo
9. Mike Pelfrey-P

Good luck tonight against Ubaldo Jimenez of thr 17-2 record, 2.61 ERA. He should easily be in double digits in strikeouts tonight, but, who knows, the Mets beat Adam Wainwright last week when he was the hottest pitcher in baseball.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Philadelphia Force Internship

Around March last year, I started looking for a job for the summer of 2009. After being unsuccessful searching the internet and the postings on Lehigh’s LUCIE system, I went to the spring career fair. Many of the jobs were for majors other than my own, such as sciences and engineering, but I found a few for business majors. I went to talk to a few people at the desks for their jobs and internships, but did not feel too enthusiastic about finding an opportunity, especially because most seemed to be for soon-to-be graduates.

The last company that I visited at the career fair, only because my friend was there as well, was the Philadelphia Force, a professional women’s softball team located one city over in Allentown. I started talking with one employee while my friend was talking to the co-owner. We exchanged contact information and I gave them my résumé, but, for some reason, could not see myself working near Lehigh or for this team.

After a couple of phone conversations with different people, I was offered a broadcast internship. This included trying to sell advertising space for the online broadcasts of the games and operating a small camera during the games. While it was unpaid, I was happy to be able to do something during the summer, since I did not desperately need the money and could take on another job if I had to, based on the short hours of this one.

In the end, I was unsuccessful in finding local business owners who were interested in purchasing advertising space, but I feel like I got valuable experience by walking in cold and trying to make a sale. The in-game experience was fun and taught me more about the behind-the-scenes effort needed to run a team, especially one that struggles to draw in fans and make money. It all started with me being nervous but getting my face in front of prospective employers at a job fair, which is what I have been doing again to try to find a permanent job after graduation. Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lehigh Choral Union

I was supposed to write this for a Lehigh student blog, but the job never really materialized. I have one more post in the can that I will share. Enjoy!

During the summer after graduating from high school, I was recruited through e-mail to try out for Lehigh Choral Arts. I had been in a school chorus since fourth grade, so this appealed to me as an activity that I should continue once I entered college. I did not know what exactly to expect in the audition for choir, but I thought I could follow the conductor’s lead to get into the University Choir.

Unfortunately, I had a harder time than I did when entering high school singing the scales, as I usually do not like to sing on my own. My audition was short, which I did not consider to be a good thing. As I learned later from choir members, I should have come prepared with a song, similar to an “American Idol” audition. I found out later that night along with everyone else that I would be singing in the Choral Union.

At first, I was disappointed, but this meant that I got to spend the first weekend of school sleeping in my room rather than being away on a retreat with the rest of the choir. I feel like this time was crucial to developing some of my first friendships at Lehigh and experiencing time around campus. Sure, I would have made friends in choir, but it was also important to know other people in my hall and freshman orientation group, along with having the same experience of the days before classes as most other freshmen.

While I thought that I would be disappointed to not be in the “better” choir like I was in high school, it has turned out to be a good time. The Choral Union is made up of a small number of Lehigh students in comparison to residents of the Lehigh Valley. This was not desirable to me as a freshman because I wanted to meet more people around my age. However, I have always been one to relate better and have deeper conversations with my parents’ friends and other older adults. Thanks to a change in policy, Choral Union members and choir alumni were able to travel with the choir on their biannual trip outside of the country, so I was still able to experience and sing in China and Portugal at the end of my freshman and junior years, respectively.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The worst episode of Medium ever?

Medium usually follows the same formula: Allison dreams about someone who is dead or about to die, doesn't have all the information, and the district attorney doesn't believe her, but her premonitions are always right in the end. The writers find some way to make all of this seem interesting and new every time. In Friday's episode, her visions in dreams and real life were both clouded by continually seeing the same man as many people around her, including women and her husband, Joe. There was still a death involved, but she could not figure out why this one guy kept appearing. The secondary story involved Ariel, Allison's daughter, seeing a dead man in a beaver mascot costume.

Somehow, this week, Medium managed to be exceedingly boring, as the stories dragged along. There were a few laughs, but no suspense because there were no crimes to investigate until very late. Allison's psychic ability was pretty much paralyzed while having to deal with this mysterious man's image. Ariel was babysitting for a boy that had an imaginary friend beaver, which, it turns out, he could also see; apparently these psychic abilities are becoming widespread. Ariel had to get the beaver out of the child's life to stop him from being badly influenced by the man in the beaver suit. With the aid of more information, Allison had the breakthrough that the man she was seeing had been stealing identities to be able to steal money from those people, and she saw him in the image of his victims, which makes almost zero sense in the premise of this show. Ariel and the beaver mascot only had conversations about him being a bad influence and how he needed to leave the boy alone. How exciting!

This episode was more about comedy than action, as evidenced by Allison threatening Joe when he appeared in the image of the identity theft and, conversely, when the identity theft appeared as Joe inside the bank as he tried to steal Joe's money and Allison confronted him. The stolen money was going towards paying off a juror in his co-conspirator's trial, enabling her to receive a mistrial in the death of her husband, which was Allison's original dream to kick off the episode. Somehow the identity theft got away without anyone stopping him, at which point he was able to call the freed murderer and tell her that he had stolen her identity as well, enabling him to take her inheritance from her late husband, repay the original identity theft victims, and leave her with nothing. At this point, we had the last and greatest laugh of them all, as her bikini clad body turned into the same man who stole her money.

It all sounds very complicated, but, over the course of an hour, it just left me with a "so what?" feeling at each commercial break. This surely wasn't why CBS brought the show on board after it was canceled by NBC.