Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 4 Football picks

In my mind, there are a few equal choices for the survivor pool this week, all equally good and risky. The Texans on the road against the Raiders, the Falcons at home against the winless 49ers, the Jets on the road against the Bills, and the Bengals on the road against the Browns. I try to stay away from road teams and intradivision games, and the supposedly good 49ers are dangerous to pick against when they still have no wins. My pick is actually a team with a worse record in its matchup, the Chargers at home against the Cardinals. However, both teams could have easily had their results in the opposite column last week. Other picks:

49ers (+6.5) @ Falcons: new offensive coordinator for the 49ers
Bills (+5.5) vs. Jets: a surprising fight put up by Bills last week
Browns (+3.5) vs. Bengals: I'll believe in the Bengals the week after they start to impress
Lions (+14.5) @ Packers: the Lions are keeping it close and the Packers are coming off of a short week
Broncos (+6.5) @ Titans: Vince Young should not be given such a wide spread right now
Rams (+.5) vs. Seahawks: the Rams go for a second home win in a row
Panthers (+13.5) @ Saints: Brees, Bush, and Thomas are injured
Ravens (+1.5) @ Steelers: the Steelers can't go 4-0 without Roethlisberger
Colts (-8.5) @ Jaguars: Peyton is having the best statistical start of his career
Texans (-3.5) @ Raiders: the Texans shouldn't be derailed by the loss to the Cowboys
Chargers (+8.5) vs. Cardinals: the Cardinals are close to going down the drain
Redskins (+6.5) @ Eagles: the early triumphant return of Donovan McNabb
Bears (+3.5) @ Giants: the Giants have too many problems right now, but could win a close one
Patriots (-.5) vs. Dolphins: the Wildcat success started against Patriots, but they know it now

Good thing for the Cowboys and Vikings that they picked up their first wins last week because they are on byes and would have had to stew over winless starts during their breaks.

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