Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week 12 Football picks

Three games on Thanksgiving. Lucky us!

Patriots (-6.5) @ Lions: of course Brady is playing, forget that questionable tag
Saints (-3.5) @ Cowboys: it's time to stop the Cowboys roll
Jets (-9.5) vs. Bengals: too bad this won't be a heated rematch of last year's playoffs
Falcons (-2.5) vs. Packers: the Falcons are 5-0 at home, last two against good teams
Steelers (-6.5) @ Bills: this could have the feeling of a Steelers home game as fans travel well
Panthers (+10.5) @ Browns: I like the large spread even though the Panthers are pathetic
Jaguars (+7.5) @ Giants: strange spread with the Giants missing key wide receivers
Redskins (-2.5) vs. Vikings: watch out for the Vikings energy under new coach
Titans (+6.5) @ Texans: third QB starting for the Titans, but not against the best of defenses
Seahawks (+1.5) vs. Chiefs: two surprising division leaders at 5-5 and 6-4
Raiders (-3.5) vs. Dolphins: Thigpen did not impress in his start last week
Bears (+3.5) vs. Eagles: home team getting a lot of points for having the same records
Buccaneers (+7.5) @ Ravens: the Buccaneers are surprising but should get more respect
Rams (+3.5) @ Broncos: the Broncos laid down to a divisional rival on Monday night
Colts (-3.5) vs. Chargers: should be a fun, interesting game
49ers (-1.5) @ Cardinals: these could have been the two best teams in the division

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 11 Football picks

I'm not feeling too good about this week, and already have a loss from Thursday. A lot of even matchups in my mind in this crazy season.

Dolphins (-1.5) vs. Bears: thought the Dolphins could hold on at home using wildcat
Bengals (-5.5) vs. Bills: similar records, but a lot more talent on the Bengals
Lions (+6.5) @ Cowboys: the Cowboys should get a close first win at home
Ravens (-10.5) @ Panthers: Brian St. Pierre will be on his back for most of the game
Browns (+1.5) @ Jaguars: Colt McCoy has been impressive, but so have the Jaguars
Steelers (-7.5) vs. Raiders: bouncing back with another home game
Redskins (+7.5) @ Titans: Vick made the Redskins look worse than they are
Chiefs (-7.5) vs. Cardinals: Cassel and Charles lead the Chiefs to victory
Vikings (+3.5) vs. Packers: I'll take Favre and the home points against his old team
Texans (+6.5) @ Jets: the Jets have just been getting by recently
Rams (+3.5) vs. Falcons: both teams are better at home and this game is in St. Louis
Buccaneers (+3.5) @ 49ers: a long cross-country trip won't slow down the Buccaneers
Seahawks (+11.5) @ Saints: too many points not to take a division leader
Colts (+3.5) @ Patriots: the Colts could break Brady's home winning streak
Giants (+3.5) @ Eagles: maybe sticking with my heart too much but it should be close
Broncos (+9.5) @ Chargers: another close divisional matchup

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 10 Football picks

Lots of road teams:
Ravens (+1.5) @ Falcons (from Thursday)
Lions (+2.5) @ Bills: stay winless, Bills
Vikings (-1.5) @ Bears: Martz offense going down
Jets (-3.5) @ Browns: another former team for Mangini
Colts (-7.5) vs. Bengals: clearly the Colts are rolling
Titans (-.5) @ Dolphins: Pennington starting now
Buccaneers (-7.5) vs. Panthers: disappointing and injured Panthers
Texans (+1.5) @ Jaguars: close divisional matchup
Broncos (+.5) vs. Chiefs: not believing in the Chiefs still
Cowboys (+13.5) @ Giants: the Cowboys should keep it close enough
Seahawks (+3.5) @ Cardinals: the Seahawks could take the division
Rams (+5.5) @ 49ers: the 49ers' last chance to make a run
Patriots (+4.5) @ Steelers: seems like a lot of points for Belichick
Eagles (-3.5) @ Redskins: McNabb having problems with Shanahan

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 9 Football picks

What a terrible way to lose in survivor. The Cowboys were still playing like crap and down all game to the Jaguars, ending my season halfway through it. If I was still in it, the Patriots would be the best pick, but I used them in week three. The only other logical pick it seems is the Jets, on the road in Detroit. Again, only 13 games this week, with six teams off.

Buccaneers (+8.5) @ Falcons: aren't these two teams tied for the division lead?
Bills (+2.5) vs. Bears: two consecutive road overtime losses for the Bills
Patriots (-4.5) @ Browns: McCoy has had a tough start to his career against the Saints and Steelers
Lions (+4.5) vs. Jets: while the Jets should win, these are two decent defenses
Cardinals (+8.5) @ Vikings: another strangely large spread, two equally bad teams
Panthers (+7.5) vs. Saints: just a case of taking a big home underdog
Dolphins (+5.5) @ Ravens: the Dolphins are playing well enough to keep this close
Texans (+1.5) vs. Chargers: the Chargers are leading the league in offensive yards, but turnovers kill
Seahawks (+5.5) vs. Giants: would have like the bigger line, which moved after Whitehurst was tabbed for first start
Chiefs (+2.5) @ Raiders: you wouldn't have thought at the beginning of the season that these two would be on top
Colts (+2.5) @ Eagles: a rare game as an underdog for the Colts
Packers (-7.5) vs. Cowboys: the Cowboys are so bad and look like they don't want to play hard
Bengals (+4.5) vs. Steelers: a hard-fought game on Monday Night Football

Let's have some fun with over/unders (from Bodog):
TB @ ATL: over 45
CHI @ BUF: under 41.5
NE @ CLE: over 44
NYJ @ DET: under 42.5
ARI @ MIN: over 43
NO @ CAR: over 40.5
MIA @ BAL: under 41
SD @ HOU: over 50
NYG @ SEA: under 41
KC @ OAK: over 41
IND @ PHI: under 47
DAL @ GB: under 46
PIT @ CIN: under 41