Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 10 Football picks

Lots of road teams:
Ravens (+1.5) @ Falcons (from Thursday)
Lions (+2.5) @ Bills: stay winless, Bills
Vikings (-1.5) @ Bears: Martz offense going down
Jets (-3.5) @ Browns: another former team for Mangini
Colts (-7.5) vs. Bengals: clearly the Colts are rolling
Titans (-.5) @ Dolphins: Pennington starting now
Buccaneers (-7.5) vs. Panthers: disappointing and injured Panthers
Texans (+1.5) @ Jaguars: close divisional matchup
Broncos (+.5) vs. Chiefs: not believing in the Chiefs still
Cowboys (+13.5) @ Giants: the Cowboys should keep it close enough
Seahawks (+3.5) @ Cardinals: the Seahawks could take the division
Rams (+5.5) @ 49ers: the 49ers' last chance to make a run
Patriots (+4.5) @ Steelers: seems like a lot of points for Belichick
Eagles (-3.5) @ Redskins: McNabb having problems with Shanahan

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