Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 3 Football picks

Another tough week for the survivor pool, worse than week one. The Steelers would be the obvious pick if they were not working with their fourth-string, albeit serviceable, quarterback, Charlie Batch. Otherwise, three divisional games look like the best, with the Vikings facing the Lions, Ravens against Browns, and the ultimate pick, Patriots at home against the Bills. This makes it a pick against the Bills two weeks in row, who are maybe this year's Raiders in that sense.

49ers (-2.5) @ Chiefs: think it is their time to start winning, but surprising to be favored
Browns (+10.5) @ Ravens: even on the road, think this spread is too big for this division
Cowboys (+2.5) @ Texans: they have to get over Wade Phillips's incompetence
Lions (+10.5) @ Vikings: the Lions haven't looked so bad, even with Shaun Hill at QB
Patriots (-13.5) vs. Bills: change at starting quarterback for the Bills and angry Patriots at home
Falcons (+4.5) @ Saints: the Falcons could win this game with the way the Saints have looked, even in the Superdome
Giants (-3.5) vs. Titans: the Giants looked better in losing last week, but both teams have their issues
Steelers (-2.5) @ Buccaneers: running game and defense for the Steelers
Panthers (+3.5) vs. Bengals: picking the home underdog to keep it close
Jaguars (+2.5) vs. Eagles: look for the Jaguars to ruin Michael Vick's start at QB
Redskins (-3.5) @ Rams: finally noticing that the Redskins are decent
Broncos (+6.5) vs. Colts: way too big of a spread not to take the good home team
Raiders (+4.5) @ Cardinals: Campbell is surprisingly out of the starting QB spot already
Seahawks (+5.5) vs. Chargers: the Chargers don't look good enough to get this many points on the road
Dolphins (-1.5) vs. Jets: as good as the Jets looked, Revis is out and they get killed in Miami
Bears (+3.5) @ Packers: hopefully, the Bears won't regress to their preseason and week one form

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