Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 5 Football Picks

A little late and short, but here they are. Forgot to mention that week three won me $80 in my dad's office pool. :)

Browns (+6) @ Bills: questions on both sides of the ball for both teams
Steelers (-10.5) @ Lions: Stafford is out, and Lions look like losers of old
Cowboys (-8.5) @ Chiefs: despite Romo's struggles, this should be a blowout
Vikings (-10) @ Rams: many think this is a trap after the Vikings' short week
Raiders (+15.5) @ Giants: Manning will be limited and Giants back off a little
Eagles (-14.5) vs. Buccaneers: McNabb and Westbrook both back in the lineup
Panthers (-3.5) vs. Redskins: time for Panthers to get back on track against terrible team
Bengals (+8.5) @ Ravens: should keep it within a touchdown margin
49ers (-2.5) vs. Falcons: going back and forth on this close game
Broncos (+3) vs. Patriots: looking for the student to beat the mentor
Cardinals (-5.5) vs. Texans: should be a high-scoring game, but maybe only for one side
Seahawks (-.5) vs. Jaguars: great home crowd; Hasselbeck is back
Colts (-3.5) @ Titans: can't see the Titans beating an undefeated team
Jets (-1.5) vs. Dolphins: the wildcat is great and all, but it's Henne's second start.

Survivor pick is the Eagles routing the Buccaneers with all of their weapons in the game for the first time.

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